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Discovery: User research for a product launch 

The client, one of the leading providers of telecommunications and media services, was faced with the challenge of optimising a new online streaming product.
I was the design lead and carried out an heuristic review of the product as well as employed qualitative testing methods on UserZoom and content square to get page insight. 

The research was presented to leadership with clear next steps proposed in the form of quantitative AB testing. 


August 2022


Design Lead


UX design
Qualitative + Quantiatative

How might we...?

  1. Identify key opportunity areas?

  2. Enhance the overall experience by leveraging new design patterns, updating copy, UI and functionality?

  3. Improve overall sales conversion?

  4. Improve overall attach rate and customer lifetime value?



Our process was broken down into the below approach:


UX / UI Audit

I began with an in-depth UX audit to identify opportunity areas and secure alignment with client stakeholders to prioritise a backlog of CRO tests.


Quantitative A/B Testing

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Qualitative User Test

The objective of this user research was to investigate how well users understand the proposition, the relevance of the flow, and interest from users in the product.

01 UX Audit 

Executive Summary


Audit Virgin Media Stream checkout page

Identify issues that are impacting sales conversion, next step progression, subscription and Stream attach rate and ARPU (average revenue per user)

Benchmark against how key competitors perform against identified issues, understanding what best in class looks like


•Full cognitive walkthrough of Stream journey 

•Heuristic evaluation of Stream checkout page

•Transform key pain points into areas of focus for CRO team to explore further


•Opportunity 1 – page hierarchy: Update page hierarchy to give key context, benefits and information higher up the page to align with user goals

•Opportunity 2 – copy: Update generic copy to highlight key benefits of Stream; remove conflicting copy and duplicate information

•Opportunity 3 – user journey: Make subscription selection more visible and use clear CTAs and toast notifications to confirm selection of products

Next Steps

Validate the findings from our audit with both qualitative analysis through testing with real users, and quantitively through CRO test analysis, to prioritise business value for Virgin Media

Agree on priorities of potential tests

Feed these opportunities into the Stream workstream and run CRO experiments to define best solutions

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 11.54.55.png

UX / UI Audit 

In depth analysis 

Content objective and strategy 

Is the value proposition to the user clear, is the information relevant, are key benefits highlighted.


  1. No prior context on what Stream is

  2. Key information on subscriptions hidden

  3. Stream in basket without user selection

Content Design

Is the copy readable, concise, simple, universal, consistent, logical, guiding, user-focused, holistic and prioritised


  1. Header copy does not confirm checkout initiated or that this is a new product to add

  2. Generic copy does not showcase value proposition. Confusion around how it works and associated costs

User flow

Is the site intuitive and are user flows logical


  1. No confirmation that checkout initiated

Graphic Design 

Does this page use quality graphics and videos to grab user attention

Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 12.06.08.png

02 Usability test on Userzoom 


Investigate how well users understand the streaming proposition by conducting a unmoderated usability test on UserZoom.

  • How well users understand the proposition 

  • Relevance of user flow 

  • Insight on attach rate 

  • Insight on ARPU (Average revenue per user) 

  • What triggers interest in users

  • Information gaps


Users were surprised to see the information appear here in the user flow 

Users did not grasp exactly how the service worked and if it was hardware 

Users understanding of the benefits of the service were varied, many did not see the value as they had a similar service

Users did not understand a promotional offer or how to add subscriptions.

2.5/5 likelihood users would add the streaming product

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